Amy Dynan’s contemporary drawing practice merges photo-realism with abstract sensibilities to explore the beauty of being alive. Amy uses charcoal on paper to capture subjects, symbols and moments that celebrate the everyday majesty around us.


2019 Water, Solo Exhibition, Stanley Street Gallery (26 June -13 July 2019)

‘Water’ is a solo exhibition of drawings inspired by Amy’s recent art residencies in France, Iceland and Norway. Venturing deep into these dramatic landscapes Amy explores the movement of water as a symbol for who and what we are. In this series, the dynamics of light and shade work as a metaphor for opposites in nature and in ourselves, resulting in landscapes that hover between real and surreal, material and ethereal.

DYNAN Amy_Water_charcoal on paper 120cm x 85cm framed.jpg

REPRESENTING GALLERY Stanley Street Gallery 

STUDIOS Square One Studios SQ1 

CONTACT AMY amydynan@live.com